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Are you looking for a perfect present for your sweetheart?
Wooden animal brooches in timeless, minimalist design, a special wooden bow tie or a functional wallet with practical accessories. With these gifts, you can make a smile on your loved ones.

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Match with your partner

Paar auf einer Hochzeit

True love does not need words. The fact that you both belong to each other can be reflected in many ways. At BeWooden, we've been trying to make many products similar to each other, so they're not just for you, but for your partner as well. For hearts in love, there are sets of wooden bow ties, for men and women in the same look. Even the imaginative wooden brooches can express the attachment to your loved ones.

How to choose the perfect gift for him?

elegant bracelet
Ice Bracelet
wooden bow tie Cassio
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Men wearing bracelets


Pearls are an add-on that goes great with every outfit. They are perfect to tell your story, your attitude and your dreams without words. The combination of stone and wood hides elegance and self-confidence. The bracelet can be your lucky charm and give you courage on your journey through life.

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Set of different BeWooden products

Bow tie

The bow tie is a unique add-on, with which the wearer stands out from the crowd and shows his unique taste. In addition, the exceptional design of wood is ideal if you want to go to the prom, stroll through the city or make the outfit to something very special.

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Woman and man with bow ties and brooches


The inspiration came from the Beskids. A supplement that not only expresses your attitude to nature but also your individuality and unrestrainedness. All this is hidden by the unusual wooden brooches by BeWooden. Are you ready to let her speak for you?

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Elegance is never a bad idea

Men are different. A key manager, a determined adventurer, a stubborn athlete, or perhaps a resourceful musician. Each of them is a completely unique personality with different characteristics. However, they all have one thing in common: Everyone wants self-realization and the opportunity to show their own style of the world.

If you are looking for a gift for a unique man, remember that elegance is never a bad idea. A touch of fresh elegance can enrich your day at work, on the road or on a walk through the city. Because a gentleman never goes out of fashion.

How to choose the perfect gift for him? 

Mellis bow tie
Mellis Cuff
Männer in besonderem Stil

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zwei elegante Männer in Anzug und mit Aktentasche

Business Handbag

With a business bag, you have all the necessary things for a working day in one place. In addition to the practicality, it adds the special something to the look of a true gentleman. The fact that the bag is made of genuine leather gives it exclusivity and uniqueness.

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Menschen beim Kaffee mit einer BeWooden Brieftasche am Tisch


It has to be functional, but it also has to represent us. We have made wallets of wood and leather in different versions. So it's up to you which you prefer. Each of them has a unique design but is also practical and functional.

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Mann mit einer Fliege

Personalized Add-Ons

Engraving is not just a laser. Engraving tells a story and you can give away an add-on of unquantifiable value. Whether it's a monogram, a secret message or a date that's important to you, it's up to you!

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From us for you

All our products are handmade - with much love.
We really appreciate the relationship with nature, that's why most of the woods come from excess productions of local carpentry.
Exotic woods come from certified and sustainable plantations.

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Why BeWooden

Why BeWooden?

The BeWooden philosophy is shaped by our employees. With a lot of heart and passion, we started writing a unique story that today makes thousands of customers happy. But why exactly should you choose our accessories?
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Gifts for the best friend

For your best friend

Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life. She experiences all of the craziest moments with you, stands by you during the not-so-easy stages of life and always knows exactly what to do to make you feel good. Hence it gets even more difficult to find the perfect gift for her -  Be creative and try it with wooden gifts.

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