Extraordinary jewelry for unique people

Sarah Wirgenings

Extraordinary jewelry emphasizes the uniqueness in each person much more than the usual fashion jewelry. Unique jewelry is an eye-catcher no matter where you go, gives self-confidence and reflects the personality of the wearer. Not everyone has pieces of jewelry like this. They symbolize courage to new things and let you stand out from the crowd.

A stylish bow tie

Have you ever seen a bow tie made of wood? No? Then we present you now our first extraordinary piece of jewelry. For those who find fabric bow ties too boring and ties too mainstream, our wooden bow tie is the perfect accessory.

At the same time, something is done for the environment: Because our bow ties are made of excess wood from the furniture production, no trees are being cut down for our products, but pieces of wood that would have landed in the garbage are upgraded.

The various patterns and fabrics for individualizing the bow tie also offer creative people plenty of room to get creative. Wear not only an extraordinary jewelry, but also a unique one!

Adorable inhabitants of the forest

Extraordinary jewelry does not always have to be conspicuous. Even brooches are beautiful, small pieces of jewelry that bring perfection to the outfit. The special thing about them: They are also lovingly hand-crafted from wood and with their animal-like and nature-loving appearance they represent the love for nature. Anyone who can identify with an inhabitant of our forest or who loves a variety of flowers and still wants to own something that not everyone has, our brooches are perfect.

Especially the animal brooches are the perfect companion through your everyday life. You can change them at any time to a new garment or attach them to your bag or backpack.

But those who would rather have one of the animals close to their hearts, can also wear them as a charming pendant on a necklace.

Fancy jewelry in silver

When it comes to jewelry what is better than a necklace and earrings? However, not so typical for those accessories is the combination of real precious metals with rare woods. Connected to the symmetrical appearance of the accessory an indescribable harmony is created.

Other special accessories

Less unusual but extraordinary are pearl bracelets and pocket mirrors with wooden elements. The different grains of the wood and types of stones give each accessory a unique look and make the jewelry and wearer look very special. In particular, the bracelets give the wearer, depending on the type of stones, strength and self-confidence on all its ways, while the mirror visualizes the owners beauty.

You can find more unique accessories here.

BeWooden - Sarah Wirgenings
Sarah Wirgenings
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