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The confirmation is an important step in the life of a young Christian. Whether Catholic or Protestant: For a young person, the day of full incorporation into the community is always a unique and exciting event. On the big day, all important people are united in one room. From family members to best friends, everyone is close to the confirmand’s side, guiding him or her on his or her journey. After visiting the church, the special day usually continues with a private event with food and the giving of gifts. But what are the perfect confirmation gifts?

What is the difference between a Catholic confirmation and a Protestant confirmation?

Both festivals have something in common: the young believers are officially accepted as full adults in the Catholic or Protestant community. Before that, however, they have to be baptized.

While the Catholic confirmation takes place in the Catholic Church, the evangelical confirmation is celebrated by the Protestants. Nevertheless, both take place at the same time of the year in spring between March and May. The basic difference is that the Catholic confirmation is the second sacrament of the baptism. There are no sacraments among the Protestants. For them, the most important thing is for the confirmand to enter the world of adults.


The Catholic confirmation

The Catholic confirmation is the second step after baptism to be accepted in the Catholic community. Because most were baptized in infancy, they didn’t have the opportunity to profess to their own faith. The Catholic confirmation will make this up again. This usually takes place between the ages of 12 and 16. About a year before, in preparation for the Catholic Confirmation, groups of between 8 and 15 people are having lessons together to prepare them for the confirmation.

The Catholic confirmation takes place within the church during the celebration of the Holy Mass. On the day of confirmation, the credo is traditionally recited. Then, the bishop puts his hands on the head of the confirmand and anoints him or her with chrism. Thereby, the bishop draws a cross on the confirmand’s forehead. He says: "Be sealed by the gift of God, the Holy Spirit", to which the confirmand answers with "Amen". Afterwards the Eucharist takes place.


The Protestant confirmation

The Protestant confirmation usually takes place at the age of 14 years. Similar to the Catholic confirmation, the Protestant confirmands attend a special confirmation lesson about a year earlier. The lessons also regularly take place in groups, usually every two weeks. Shortly before the event, the future members of the church will be asked in a test about the things they have learned.

The confirmation usually presupposes baptism, but it’s also possible to attend classes and then be baptized and confirmed on the same day.

The Protestant confirmation officially authorizes the young person to attend the sacrament. However, lately more and more churches established the children's banquet, which has made the "yes" to their belief even more meaningful.

The Protestant confirmation is also considered as an "Access to adult life", so that the gifts are also presented appropriately.

The right confirmation gifts

Both celebrations manifest the transition into adult life. That is why gifts of money are usually handed over. But even the first watch or a dowry are traditional gifts for the Catholic or Protestant confirmation. Nevertheless, more and more young people nowadays want things that deviate from traditional approaches. Still, gifts of money are very popular, but nowadays, many prefer to get travels or articles of value in form of smartphones, computers, or other accessories, like a lovely necklace instead of a clock. The best way to find out the preferences and wishes for the right confirmation gifts is to ask the young person personally.

However, if you prefer to surprise the confirmand, here are some ideas for you:

A companion for life

Not only fables have given animals a personality for centuries, also in the Bible certain characteristics are attributed to the inhabitants of the forest. Here, the fox is known to be cunning and clever, while the stag or deer can be seen as a symbol of speed, stamina and frugalness.

For those who adore animals and accessories, our animal brooches are perfect as a little gift besides money. They also accompany the confirmand on his or her entire path of life.

Bracelets and necklaces

When it comes to accessories, you think of bracelets and necklaces in a classical way. You can incorporate various engravings in our pearl bracelets with wooden elements. So if a bracelet is too impersonal, you can add the initials, the date of the celebration or a simple cross symbol to make the day unforgettable for the confirmand.

Our necklaces, on the other hand, are noble accessories that can accompany the confirmand on further celebrations and stay close to the wearers heart every day.

Gift Vouchers

Also vouchers are often very welcome. If the confirmand wants to look like a gentleman or a lady at an already young age, our vouchers are also highly recommended. Especially picky people will find something for sure.

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