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Romana Janeckova

Whether you are looking for a Christmas present for a loved one, an irreplaceable mother and grandmother or a great sister, we have some tips for you. You hear it again and again, what counts is the thought and the story behind the gift. If you are looking for a very special gift then you are in the right place. And if we are completely honest - our loved ones deserve something very special.

If you really think and create something special, you will realize how beautiful the joy of giving can be. With the smile of another person, happiness returns to you like a boomerang. All in all, it's all about Christmas - to enjoy the other's presence and to experience unique moments together. Here you will find inspiration and find out which gifts will inspire the women in your life.

For an extraordinary girlfriend

Christmas is the Celebration of Love. So there is no better time to express your feelings. A special gift can help you with this. So you can show your friend that it is something special and you definitely do not take it for granted. With an individual gift, you can express a lot without words and make it clear to your loved ones that you could no longer imagine a life without them.

For example, we would recommend the BeWooden bracelet for you. It's a little fashion accessory, with an unimaginable expressiveness. Thanks to its design and elegance, it fits any occasion, so your girlfriend can wear it practically anytime. At the same time, she is reminded every day that there is someone who loves her. A nice thought, right?

You can choose between decent parts like Ice or Serenity Bracelet. Adventurous souls may appreciate dark variants like the Tauris bracelet. Don't forget to check our bracelet sets, for example Cassion & Ice ViameWith an additional engraving, you can make the bracelet even more individual. What do you say?

For a great wife

Everyone knows - behind every successful man is a strong woman. And every strong woman deserves to know how much you appreciate what she does for you. The perfect gift to prove that you really love her is especially hard to find. You can not replace her patience, support and love. But there are gifts that indicate that she is not indifferent to you and that you take care of her needs. We can not imagine a gift that would inspire ladies more than jewellery. BeWooden necklaces and earrings are made for women who deserve the best. The combination of surgical steel and wood hides a very special story. This guarantees the uniqueness of each product, which is manufactured with care and precision in our workshop. Give your wife a stylish addition that gently emphasizes her extraordinary beauty and sophistication.

For the best mom

It is not easy to choose a gift for a woman who plays a superhero role in our lives. Whatever happens, she always has enough strength to look after us and do the right thing. The whole world may be upside down, but where your mother is always your home. Of all the people she probably deserves her Christmas present the most, although we often hear that she would need nothing at all. Who knows it?

We have a tip for you to make your mother happy. Surely you have noticed that you can add a personal message to most of our products. We would be the one with a unique pocket mirror with a very personal engraving for your mother. With the slogan "The best mother in the world", you can show how much you love your mother. She will be very happy about it, we are sure


For the beloved grandmother

What would we do without our grandmothers? Where else would we get our Christmas biscuits? No matter which way we go in life, in the eyes of our grandmother we are still the little children who lovingly protects her. All their patience and friendliness have an unquantifiable value. But what do you give to a woman who has a heart of gold? "When you were young, ..." Who does not know this sentence? Grandmothers like to think back to our childhood and love to reminisce about it. Gives your grandma the opportunity to capture all these memories and give her a notebook for Christmas. In a BeWooden notebook not only souvenirs can be documented, but it is also perfect as a recipe book or travel journal.

For a wonderful sister

Being a good sister is not always easy. You have to play several roles at the same time. She cares like a mother, she protects like a father, and always stands by like a best friend. A sister is one who gives you advice with her best knowledge and conscience, but at the same time will spontaneously join crazy ideas. For a unique personality like your sister, our BeWooden animal brooches are ideal. They not only symbolize the cohesion among siblings but also underline the unique qualities of each person. Is she curious and cunning like a fox? Is it a guarantee of fun and adventure like a squirrel? Or do you know that you can always rely on them because it is as strong as a wolf, a bear or a lion? Take a look at our portfolio and find the right brooch for your sister.


We want to help you make this Christmas even more special! That's why we have prepared even more for you. Have a look!


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