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Add a unique and elegant wooden accessory to your outfit to stand out of the crowd.

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BeWooden created accessories which symbolize your feelings.

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Eco-friendly and handmade

All our wooden products are made in the EU, handmade and eco-friendly.

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Wooden brooch Doe

Be elegant, wear a wooden brooch

There were times when a woman could not step out of her front door without a stylish brooch on her jacket, shirt or dress. Even though the times and its values ​​may have shifted a bit forward, some things just don’t change. Brooches still retain their position as an extraordinary accessory that peps up every outfit and helps you to feel self-confident.

Bear brooch
19 €
Wooden brooch Wolf
Wolf Brooch 
19 €

Your wooden brooch,
your personal gift

What can be more important than being happy? To share happiness with the closest people! Find the perfect brooch for you and your beloved one.

These brooches are often used as a gift:

Wooden brooch doe
Doe brooch 
19 €
Wooden brooch Fox
Fox Brooch 
Pearl Bracelets women

Eco-friendly and handmade in EU

Local woods, traditional and honest craftsmanship with eco-friendly production is just the beginning of our engagement to give the nature something back.

Here in BeWooden we depend on teamwork. Do you want to know more about our production and team? You can find an information on our website or contact us by live chat.

Wooden brooch Bear
Bear Brooch  
19 €
Wooden brooch Hare
Hare Brooch 
19 €

Making of wooden brooches

Almost all of our products are made from the excess wood of local woodworking shops. By combining up-cycling and honest craftsmanship we deliver unique and quality products with a personal touch. 

Without honest trust to each other, it would not be possible for BeWooden to get into 13 countries all around the world in just three years!

Pearl Bracelets men

Be unique - Be BeWooden

Become a member of The BeWooden World. Our buyers not only appreciate the individuality of BeWooden products - They underline that their uniqueness is getting more and more important. So why wait? Show your personal style now with our wooden brooch or one of our other wooden accessories!

Wooden bow tie Denique
Bow Tie Denique  
79 €
Virie Bracelet
Virie Bracelet
46 €


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