TOP 10 reasons to wear a bow tie

Katka Šugárková

10. Bow Ties are back 

If you haven’t noticed, bow ties are back in a huge way. All the major men’s retailers have seen a sparkle in bow tie sales. Young men are dressing better than their parents.

9. Size doesn’t matter

Usually tie selection is restricted by wearing rules: a tie wide depends on the suit and your body type. Nothing like this would limit your bow tie choice. In addition, you can choose among silk, cotton or wooden bow ties.

8. Bow ties raise your IQ

A list of bow tie wearers consists of academics, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, political leaders and writers. Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Mark Twain wore bow ties. Did they wear bow ties because they were geniuses or were they geniuses because they wore bow ties?


7. A memorable gift is always with you

For sure you have a few things, which you received as a gift and never saw them again – they were useless. Or opposite way – you were gifted an interesting and personal present, which is pleasant to see every day. If you were lucky to receive a wooden bow tie, you may have a personal engraving on it, which will always remind you of something important to you and which is great to wear on you.

6. Having a variety of accessories in your wardrobe is important

It is actually good for you! It allows you to not look like that guy who always wears the same clothes. Bow ties are a simple way to show independence while staying within the limitations of work or formal outfit. They can also elevate your style to make life a celebration.

5. Chicks dig bow ties

Girls like guys with confidence. Pick the right bow tie that fits your face and combine it with the right outfit and she’ll be amazed. Women like when guys dress up well, so why not dress up nice more often? 

4. Bow ties don’t get in the way

Bow ties won't get caught in the office shredder, fridge or car door. They don’t catch a gust of wind and blow up in your or friend’s face awkwardly.

3. No need to spend time to tie

Some things look good until you find out they are unpractical or even annoyingly uncomfortable. With BeWooden you won’t spend longer than 10 seconds to tie and fasten a bow tie. Moreover, it’s really light, so you won’t recognize it on your neck.

2. Bow ties won't get covered in sauce during your business lunch

Silk neckties aren’t washable so if you get them dirty you have to send them to the drycleaner, which may be expensive or it may ruin your fancy tie. It’s way easier with a wooden bow tie – you may need just a tissue to wipe an accessory. When you wear a wooden bow tie you don’t have to protect your neckwear from your order of chicken wings or pork ribs.

1. People will remember the guy in the bow tie

Bow ties separate the man from every other “tie guy” in the room. Bow tie wearers have some things in common... confidence. Men in bow ties not only distinct themselves from the rest of crowd but bow ties attract the eye to the face allowing people to remember the wearer. The bow tie brings a great look to any gentleman. Not everyone is willing to take the risk of wearing a bow tie, but those who do are remembered.

BeWooden - Katka Šugárková
Katka Šugárková
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