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BeWooden - BeWooden Magazine 4

BeWooden Magazine 4

The year 2017 is over. We hope you enjoyed the Christmas season with your family and friends and have started well in to the New Year! What about the last three months at BeWooden?
BeWooden - BeWooden magazine #3

BeWooden magazine #3

Although summer should be a time of holidays and relaxation we often, without knowing what we were getting ourselves into, ended up doing the opposite. It was three months that were spent working on big new projects.
BeWooden - BeWooden magazine #2

BeWooden magazine #2

The spring has passed so quickly. In the last few weeks we’ve participated in so many great events that it’s going to be difficult to tell you about them all in one article. Anyway, I’ll have a go, so you can see what’s been happening and what we’ve been working on.
BeWooden - BeWooden magazine

BeWooden magazine

The first quarter of the year is coming to an end and we would like to introduce our new BeWooden newsletter, where are happy to share with you a couple of news happened in recent weeks.
BeWooden - Wine meets wood!

Wine meets wood!

Winery Špalek is founded on respect of tradition, consideration for nature and passion for a crafting of quality wine. BeWooden reflects these values in our craftsmanship and love of wood. These shared values are the reason why we decided to pursue a common path. Our path is blanketed with aromatic sawdust, Špalek’s with grapes, patience and care. At first glance, we may not seem to share anything in common, our philosophies are quite similar. We do what we love every day and continually strive to improve. When things don’t go accordingly to plan, we find solutions and learn from our mistakes. We never rest on our laurels and are motivated by the potential for improvement.
BeWooden - How can wooden accessories be comfortable and bring pleasure of wearing?

How can wooden accessories be comfortable and bring pleasure of wearing?

We have already noticed that some people are skeptical and not quite sure whether wooden accessories are comfortable to wear. Check, how pleasant to wear they are!
BeWooden - Handwork: Our production

Handwork: Our production

Everything related to BeWooden starts in a little village called Chlebovice. In a woodwork, where our great friend Daniel continues a family tradition – transforms raw wooden materials into fashion accessories. It’s a long process which quality can be assured only by doing things with hands.
BeWooden - The story of BeWooden

The story of BeWooden

My name is Ctirad Sara and I’d like to tell you how the story of BeWooden started.
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