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Romana Janeckova

What you may not know about BeWooden, we have a big weakness for dogs. Our four-legged friends accompany us to work and make us laugh again and again. We asked some members of the BeWooden-team why they chose their dog and what we can learn from our four-legged pets.

There are many reasons why we love them so much. They always put a smile on our faces, awaken the child in us and have a significant influence on our health. Dogs keep us fit and force us to spend several hours a day in the fresh air. It is scientifically proven that dogs in the workplace reduce not only the stress of their owner but also that of his colleagues.


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What breed is your dog and why did you choose him?

Ctirad: My dog's a half-breed from the pound. It is always said that not the owner choose their dogs, rather it is the other way round. When I walk down the street with Heřman, people first look at him, then at me and again at him, finally they start laughing. I can't describe exactly why I chose him, I just felt that we would fit together.

Patricie: That's a very simple question, my sister already has a Labrador and for me, it was clear from the beginning that I also want to have a Labrador. I like the love they carry within them and at the same time their courage and energy. I always wanted a medium breed, a dog that I could really hug.

Katka: The Schnauzer has always been with my family, I can't imagine having another breed at home. My Woody has the same character as me. He is playful but also likes his peace. He can spend the whole day in bed but also loves to be outside in the fresh air. That's exactly what I am. He reacts to people the way they behave towards him. I especially like that about him - he has a mind of his own and a clear opinion.

When was the last time your dog made you laugh?

Ctirad: It makes me laugh every day. These situations that make me laugh are usually associated with work and anger. Sometimes, for example, I find a basket - totally destroyed - and am angry at the first moment. But after a few minutes, this anger is gone and the same "bad" dog is lying on my lap and we laugh about it together.

Patricie: For the first time, he made me laugh was the day he was born. I wanted to have the whitest puppy. But they were all born black. After a few months of waiting, I really had to laugh about my behavior and I realized that some things in life are not really important. Today I like the contrast between him and me :D

The last time he made me laugh was this afternoon. A friend unknowingly forgot him on the balcony. When we came home after half an hour, he greeted us as if we had been away for half a year. He raced through the apartment and played the offended one. It was really funny to look at!

Katka: Sometimes it feels like Woody understands everything I say. He has learned to react to certain sentences in ways that are difficult to describe. A walk, for example, can awaken him from his deepest sleep. When we finally get home and I ask him where he has been, he starts barking and jumping loudly. I think he tells me what he had seen and experienced out there. I always enjoy it very much.

They say dogs force us to be better people. What do you think?

Ctirad: I think, no matter where you have your dog, the most important thing is the relationship with him. Although we are very different species, nature has found a way to bring us together. When I'm lost in thought, a wet dog nose on my leg can eliminate every trouble. I do not see myself as a better person just because I have a dog from a shelter. But what opened my eyes are people who take care of accommodation. Their commitment and effort to help is a great example for us of how to become better people through our dogs.

Patricie: First, thanks to him, I am calmer and physically more active. Through him, I take more time for active exercise and time in nature, even when the weather isn't that good. My dog has made me a more active, cheerful and motivated person.

Katka: He taught me to keep my promises. He always remembers exactly when I promised to go outside. This way I spend more time in the fresh air. At the same time, he has taught me that there is no anger too big to say a good word, to pet him, or to unpack a bag of treats.

What can we humans learn from dogs?

Ctirad: Definitely to perceive the world easier. Get out of the clouds of everyday worries and constant thoughts about the future and just live in the present.

Patricie: I do not want to repeat Ctirad, but that's it. My dog teaches me to perceive the present moment. He teaches me to focus on his presence, to enjoy the trivialities, and most of all, I train my patience daily through him!

Katka: To enjoy the little things of everyday life. Play more, unconditional love and drink a lot!

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