Inspirations for your spring outfit - a walk through the streets

Romana Janeckova

Finally, they are here, the warm spring days when we can pick our favourite pieces out of the wardrobe – the ones we have missed the whole winter. Let's swap the sweater for a top, make the dark colours disappear and wear cheerful, colourful outfits that make you smile at the very sight. Join us on a walk through sunny streets and get inspired by our tips for a romantic spring outfit.

Let your outfit shine with fresh nuances

Each season has its own colour palette. In autumn, we match our outfits to the reddish leaves of the trees and the warm spring brings fresh and vivid colours that replace the dark tones of the cold season. The last couple of years, there has been a trend towards pastel shades in spring. These delicate colours suit everyone. Whether you choose a mint tone or a gentle rose, you cannot go wrong with your choice.

A simple outfit complemented by unique accessories

It is the smallest details that make up the overall impression. Simplicity is beauty - our discreet accessories make your outfit unique. Not only did we focus on the look, but we also made sure that you feel comfortable wearing your accessories.

An elegant coat in vanilla combined with a pair of pants that flutter around the ankle - a subtle look that emphasizes your femininity and with which you still feel comfortable. What makes the outfit perfect, however, are the details. The unique Liti clutch looks elegant and makes the outfit rich in contrast. The Stellia wooden bow tie and the perfectly matching Stellia women's hat  complete the outfit perfectly and reflect your uniqueness and your individual taste - elegant accessories that underline your charm and style.

The perfect spring outfit for him

However, choosing the perfect spring outfit is not just about the ladies. We have also prepared an inspiration for men, that combines the individual tastes and the desire for comfort. Believe it or not, our accessories can even be combined with your sports jacket, jeans and sneakers. Let your imagination run wild and complement your sporty look with the playful trio wooden bow tie. Most of the time, bow ties are only perceived as an accessory for evening events - why not dare something new with this gentleman's accessory made of extraordinary materials? Shine with an unusual combination! With our playful socks you can fill your wardrobe with spring fever. With the sole socks you will definitely draw attention!

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Everyone shall know that you belong to each other

During the spring, not only the flowers bloom - the season brings life to each one of us. Just the right time to show our better half how important he or she is for us. The BeWooden bracelets can help - give yourself and your favourite human a bracelet that symbolizes the connection between the two of you and show the world that you belong together.

Doe & Deer Set
Doe & Deer Set
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1+1 Bracelet
1+1 Bracelet
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Or try our wooden brooches. Using our sets, such as the combination of a Doe and a Deer Set, you can easily show what you mean to each other. You are partners, you are a pack and you support each other. The discreet brooches can give your delicate spring look that certain something.

And now let us all enjoy the beautiful, warm days.
See you on a walk through the sunny streets!

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Romana Janeckova
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