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Dennis Weis

Different morning, same problem: You open your closet and find out that you have nothing to wear. And yet there's no need to have a huge amount of clothes to make your day look different but a little different than yesterday. We have created a lookbook for you in which an ordinary white shirt plays a major role in many ways and for every occasion. Get inspired by simplicity!

Basics, that should not be missing in any wardrobe

We focused on the classic white shirt because it is a piece that should definitely not be missing in any wardrobe. It is perfectly versatile and can complete your outfit in every situation, whether you're going to a business meeting or just hanging out with friends. However, there are more items of clothing that you can put together a simple but practical and spectacular outfit. 

In addition to a white shirt, you should undoubtedly have one perfectly fitting jeans and a decent pouch skirt. Next, just get two uppers - one for formal and another for informal events. It can be a classic black jacket and a rebel denim or leather jacket. If you have these basic garments, you will already be able to put together an outfit for most occasions.

The secret ingredient: Accessories

And now comes the fun and creative part: The more modest you dress yourself, the higher role accessories play. That means, that a simple white shirt offers an unlimited number of options. It can be elegant and fully representative, but also casual and mischievous. So instead of expensive clothes, we recommend investing in more distinctive accessories. You know that you don't wear all your extravagant pieces as often as there is rarely an opportunity to ventilate them. You must also be in the mood for them. Having a more casual dress that you can enrich with various accessories is not only economical and practical, but it will also make your looks much more entertaining.

Just try it out yourself. Although the ladies' wooden bow tie may at first glance only be fitting for an elegant look, you can also use it for a more casual outfit. Just add a lightweight jacket or even your favorite slippers to create a lively and youthful look for everyday affairs. 

On the other hand, if you need a unique look that will radiate exclusivity, you can go with our designer jewelry. BeWooden earrings and necklaces combine the traditional aspect of wood and the durability of metal material, resulting in a truly unique combination.

If you don’t just want to follow current trends, but like to set your own statements, check out our hats - definitely an extraordinary accessory that underlines the exceptional taste of its wearer. With your hat you get an outfit beyond perfection, and from seemingly ordinary pieces it becomes a high design issue. 


BeWooden - Dennis Weis
Dennis Weis
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