Vespa Clutch Bag

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The charming Vespa Clutch Bag in modern powder color is an accessory that can’t be resisted. Minimalist design, handmade and high-quality. These are the advantages of a Clutch Bag that stores everything you need to have with you - cell phone, documents, keys and, of course, lipstick and mirror ... Elegant craftsmanship, which guarantees your business or romantic look are perfect with Vespa Clutch Bag.

 Combine it with BeWooden Vespa mirror.

  • BeWooden - Wood - Stained ash
    Stained ash
  • BeWooden - Functionality - Spacious
  • BeWooden - Strap - Practical design
    Practical design
  • BeWooden - Genuine leather - Material
    Genuine leather
  • BeWooden - Size - 22 x 12,2 x 3,2 cm
    22 x 12,2 x 3,2 cm
  • BeWooden - Style guaranteed - Clutch bag
    Style guaranteed
    Clutch bag

BeWooden -
Under nature’s guidance, a man cannot err.
BeWooden -
BeWooden - Vespa Clutch Bag
Vespa Clutch Bag
121 $
In stock, delivery on Friday 22.6.

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