Let your imagination run wild

Exclusive writing accessory that will make you want to let your imagination run wild.

Every human being has a spark of creativity. And for those who want to let their imagination run wild, we've developed our new writing utensils. Awake your creative self with our exclusive BeWooden pencils or pens.

Why did we choose to create pencils and pens?

The best ideas usually arise in unusual places, be it in nature, at night or at a party with friends. Great ideas hardly arise in an environment without colours and life. At BeWooden, we've decided to create something that will help you live your creativity and hold your ideas in every situation. Our notebooks were already a big step in the right direction. But we did not want to be satisfied with that. That's why we designed an exclusive set of pencils and pens.

Elegant pens with an original design

Gentle pink and elegant black. High design pattern or pure minimalism. Each of the pens carries a special message and is ready to take down your extraordinary ideas. Perfect for writing incredible stories, drawing beautiful pictures or perpetuating a loving message. Each pen was designed with love to make you happy.

The special something

Our BeWooden pens will enchant you with their special details. A unique design that combines metal and wood. Maple, walnut or Zebrano wood? Just pick the pen you like best. The BeWooden pencils or pens are also perfect as a gift. For each pen, you can add an engraving up to eight characters. Be it the name of the recipient or just your own initials, the pen becomes a very personal accessory.

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