BeWooden Faces - Daniel Horvath

Daniel Horvath - a photographer and drummer. Daniel has already grown up with art, faces challenges and can not be disturbed even in difficult situations. He loves travelling, improvising and calling himself a workaholic. We could ask Daniel a few questions and learn more about him as an extraordinary person. But read it yourself!

Let us introduce you to a remarkable personality.
Daniel Horvath!

How did you grow up? Tell us about your childhood.

My parents were photographers and fine artists. So I grew up surrounded by artists. I always went them to exhibitions and travel to the countryside to searching heritage and old places and stories. So I was not the kid who played on the computer or watched tv series.

As a drummer, what is the best thing about being a drummer?

Actually, as a drummer, I am not active since 2 years. I quit from the band whom I travelled all over the world for 6 years. We had more than 120 concerts/year. But finally, we both made a decision and went for different ways. Hopefully will be back but currently, I am busy as a photographer and content creator.

But the best thing is to be on the stage and entertain people. That is what I love. But still, the guitarist only has to pack his own guitar like 1 min I packing my equipment for 20-30min. :) 


What did you learn from being a drummer?

I studied in a University where chamber music was very important. I am very opened and sensitive all the actions and reactions around me. Also improvising is one of my key. What I use as a photographer. I love DIY things. Don’t like very staged pictures. And I am sure it looks back on my photos.

I have heard that you love to travel. What fascinates you most about it?

To find locations that people use it often take pics often but I always try to see it differently. So I capture it with my taste. Also, love boutique hotels a lot and kinda vintage places.

Is there a downside to travelling?

For me yes. I never have enough time. I mean. I know I am bit over do everything. I travel as a passion but always working in the same time. I have to prepare myself more strict and focused. Because I am always working for example for a hotel. Shoot half day then run to the city shoot the city myself. I started videography so I want to make a nice video but also a vlog. So like doing 3-4 things at the same time its impossible. And I always come home more tired then I went. I am workaholic. I need to learn how to be on holiday and do nothing.

Which place did you not yet travel to but you whish to do so?

There are many places. America or England I haven’t been yet. Marocco is on my list. But I really want to visit South-Africa where my dandy friends are. I miss them and also watching their IG stories there are many great restaurants (I am obsessed about food and I am a food photographer) and nice hotels. Would be nice to visit them.

What is your current project? What are you working on lately?

I just came back from Photokina. It is the biggest photo fair in the world. I am ambassador for Olympus cameras and they invited me to a stage presentation for 2 days. It’s the biggest success to me. I just started photography less than 3 years ago. And now I am on the stage at the biggest photo fair talking about my vision represented by a world famous company Olympus. 

What are your hopes for in the future?

To make my mind cleaner. Suffer less and enjoy life more. As I said I am workaholic. I thinking too much. It’s a thing or habit I want to turn down.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I don’t have. I work all day all night. Last year I wanted to go on a holiday. Not because I need. Just because I see everybody goes on holiday and I tried to enjoy. And it turned I wrote to several hotels and restaurants (it was in Malta) and they replied me loved my work so my holiday turned for a business trip to work for them and only had 1 day for taking rest. It is cool because I made an international partnership, new clients, success, etc. But the other side…

What would you tell your younger self?

Not to be shy to date with girls.

What did you want to be when you were little?

At my age 5 I know I want to be a drummer.

What is your biggest secret?

It’s not s secret but everybody sees my kinda high life. Travelling be in nice places and such these things. And maybe because this everybody thing, I am kinda snooty. What I never show to the public is that I am helping for anybody. If they need to carry furniture or need money or help them because they have a crisis in their life. Also, I never show to in my Instagram but I love kids and dogs a lot. But it's my personal life and kinda secret life. It’s not public. It’s my own.

What is your favourite place to be and why?

It was Japan. 15 years ago was there touring with a percussion band. I think was the best moment in my life because that time was no internet with us no facebook nothing. We really enjoyed all the moment.

But my sec favourite is Italy and specially Florence. Pitti Uomo. Wish all year is Pitti.

What song best describes your life?

I don’t have any special. Funny I am a musician but don’t know any of the lyrics of our song and never focus the text. Like I love rap songs. But never think about what day I talking about. I am a drummer. I more go with the vibe.

What is your source of inspiration?

Is improvisation is a source? If yes this is my inspiration. Also to be professional is an inspiration. To create something that is high level. No matter if it’s a food or a picture or a content or music. I want to make a footprint.

What is special about you?

I know I am getting boring to say improvisation but this is my speciality. Even I shoot food or on the street as a street style photographer. I really like to challenge the situation. What the chef brings to the table and how to catch the dish best face or how to make a cool photo on the street. Equally.

When was the first time you heard about „BeWooden“? 

I think I saw Loux and Tony’s presentation on Instagram.

When was the first time you heard about „BeWooden“? 

I am a vintage boy. Wood and leather is the key to my heart and to grab my attention. Never enough surrounded by wood and leather. Bow ties to bracelets to the belt. All are very unique. Some people care more about luxury or famous brands. But you know what? Is it worth it? Is it something makes you special? Wearing, for example, a luxurious watch? I don’t think so. I don’t care. I am always looking for the unique thing. What makes you more stand out from the crowd. That is why I love more small companies than big ones.

When was the first time you heard about „BeWooden“? 

BeWooden - be creative!


Would you like to learn more about Daniel Horvath? Follow him on Instagram!

Photo credit:
 Daniel Horvath

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