The groom outfit in vintage style

Sarah Wirgenings

The two big factors that determine a wedding are, of course, the bride and groom. Still, the focus is often on the bride and her dress. That's why we put all our attention today on the groom and his vintage style. More and more grooms attach great importance to their wedding look and want, just like the bride, look perfect on their special day and please their future wife in every way.

It is mainly the brides who spend a lot of time planning their bridal styling and spending hours on the morning of the wedding to get ready. However, it is easy for the groom to forget that the ritual of preparation is just as important, especially as a vintage groom. In the morning of the big day, the bridegroom will be spoiled, cared for and the perfect outfit in vintage style completed.

Everything should be perfect today. It is your wedding day and your unforgettable moment. Just like the bride, you should resort to a professional service provider. A professional styling spoils you and your body and makes you much more relaxed. The tension and excitement will prevail before the big moment. And because everything is perfect today, you deserve such a pampering program. Also have your groomsmen with you, he will think of all important things and help you with words and deeds.

 The Vintage groom

The groom outfit is one of the most important looks in the life of a groom. But how does a vintage groom look like? First, the topic of vintage offers a lot of scope, so that as a groom you have many possibilities of interpretation. Nevertheless, one can orientate oneself:

For example, it depends on the period your vintage wedding reflects or how you and your bride marry. Do you marry romantically, glamorously or are you inspired by nature? Create a small plan with all the important information about your wedding right from the start to perfectly match your vintage-style groom outfit to your wedding.

The most popular example is that of the elegant groom wearing a suit of fine, mottled fabrics and fine accessories in a "shabby-chic" look, inspired by the epoch of the 20s and 30s.

A suit in vintage style is elegant, matching and should not be too strict. Instead of a black suit, a chic suit made of mottled fabrics should be chosen. The suit should be rather narrow cut and simple. In the color selection you have many options. When it comes to vintage, the main colors are gray, brown, beige, anthracite and royal blue. Even a checkered pattern is very popular. Many vintage grooms also like to wear a vest.

What can’t be missed in any vintage style and what is thus considered a must-have are carefully selected accessories. They do not only skilfully round off the outfit, but also create a harmonious overall picture.

The most important vintage accessory is the bow tie, which should be chosen to match the suit. As befits a real vintage gentleman but also no cufflinks, suspenders and pocket squares should be missed. It is important that the accessories match the rest of the outfit in color. In other words, your suspenders and handkerchief should have the same design. If you like, you can also complete your outfit with a stylish flat cap that fits the suit, an elegant top hat or a pocket watch with a chain, which is loosely attached to your suit or vest. Instead of a handkerchief you can also attach a small thread of flowers in the buttonhole, matching the bouquet or hair ring of your bride. This not only adds a special touch to your outfit, but also allows for a coordinated look for you and your bride, showing everyone that you two belong together.

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Sarah Wirgenings
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