Gifts for the best friend
Gifts for the best friend


Add a unique and elegant wooden accessory to your outfit to stand out of the crowd.

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The perfect gift

You can add the engraving on your favorite accessory. Create something unique.

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Eco-friendly and handmade

All our wooden products are made in the EU, handmade and eco-friendly.

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A symbol of endless friendship

With our unique bracelets you can remember your unforgettable moments together - full of joy and laughter. If you choose the same bracelet for both of you, it will be an original sign of your friendship wherever you are.

Ice & Cassio Bracelet Set
Ice & Cassio Bracelet Set
84 USD
Luxusní korálkový náramek Nox Zebrano Bracelet
Nox Zebrano Bracelet
54 USD

Express her uniqueness through engraving

You can engrave the initials of your best friend and you in a wooden bead - an even bigger sign of your friendship that emphasizes the individual touch of the bracelet and makes it unique!

Luxusní korálkový náramek Ice Bracelet
Ice Bracelet
45 USD
Zebrano Bracelet
Zebrano Bracelet
54 USD

Small but extraordinary!

Our unique wooden brooch combines playfulness and elegance. Give her a detail that conjures a touch of nature to any outfit. You cannot decide on a single brooch? How about the whole pack?

Deer Brooch
22 USD
Set dřevěných broží Animal Brooches Set
Animal Brooches Set
93 USD

Do you have to have it at hand in every situation?

The wooden pocket mirror is a practical and stylish companion for every lady. With this gift you can be sure: whenever you forget yours, your best friend will have hers with her!

Dřevěné zrcátko Liti
45 USD
Dřevěné zrcátko Api
45 USD


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