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Add a unique and elegant wooden accessoire to your outfit to stand out of the crowd.

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The perfect gift

BeWooden created accessoiries which are perfect as a gift.

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Eco-friendly and handmade

All our wooden products are made in the EU, handmade and eco-friendly.

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Beaded pearl bracelets

Stay elegant, wear a clutch bag

The most beatiful outfit is the one which represents your personal style. Add the elegant clutch bag from BeWooden and it is complete.

Cltuch bag Vespa
119 €
Clutch bag Api
119 €

The clutch bag, your personal gift

The clutch bag is stylish and uniqe which makes it perfect to give to your beloved ones. Make it even more special by engraving a message, monogram or even a logo!

These clutch bags are often used as a gift:

Clutch bag Liti
119 €
Clutch bag Caleo
Pearl Bracelets women

Eco-friendly and handmade in EU

Almost all our products are made from excess wood from local woodworking shops. We are able to do this due to great teamwork and our combined love for wood and nature. Do you want to know more about our production and team? You can find information on our website or contact us by live chat.

Cassio Bracelet
Cassio Bracelet
46 €
Deniq Bracelet
Deniq Bracelet
39 €

Making of clutch bags

Making the perfect clutch bag requires Up-cycling and true craftmanship. By combining these we are able to deliver a quality product. Handmade with love!

Pearl Bracelets men

Your belongings, your clutch bag

This clutch bag is elegant and practical at the same time. The combination of the beatiful wood and leather finish make you want to wear it rigth away. With enough space for your personal belongings, it is the perfect accessory for a night out!

Wooden bow tie Denique
Bow Tie Denique  
79 €
Virie Bracelet
Virie Bracelet
46 €


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