Wedding Photography - 8 Tips for awesome pictures

Sarah Wirgenings
It is an art in itself to catch the right moment for a picture. Therefore, it is also especially important in wedding photography to capture the big day of the couple in unique pictures. Because, in the end, the pictures will forever remember the bridal couple of their special day. With the following 8 tips the pictures will become beautiful.

1. Accept the couple's wishes

It is important that the wishes of the couple are considered. Some couples only want to have partner pictures as a special, personal reminder, while others want the photographer to accompany them and their guests throughout the day - from the wedding altar until the end of the night. So, it should be well discussed which kind of pictures should be made. Whether it's spontaneous or a shooting, it also makes a different impression in the photo and gives you a different feeling of the wedding when the pictures are viewed years later.

2. Prepare yourself well and in time

Make sure that not only the couple, but also you are prepared to accompany and advise them right from the beginning. Think of the basic items, such as the charged battery, a spare battery, enough free storage on the memory card and other props for perhaps unusual and surprising pictures. Also, the last details, such as the fee, delivery date, special picture requests and the number of pictures should be discussed before, so that everything is clear, and no misunderstandings can develop.

To find the best surroundings for the perfect picture, you should first familiarize yourself with all locations. Find beautiful places, if necessary also in the immediate environment and always have an emergency plan ready if the weather doesn’t play along.

3. Capture every moment

Of course, the wedding is not just about the ceremony. The preparations are not only for the photographer, but also for the couple an important part of the event. To have wonderful memories of the anticipation of the day, it is a good idea to especially accompany the bride during her preparations. From preparing the make-up to the fitting of the wedding dress, wonderful shots can be made. While doing that, make sure not to attract too much attention so that the pictures look natural and not posed. Also the atmosphere with their mood and surroundings should be good. There are various possibilities for the pictures: Detailed shots can be just as fantastic as overall shots. Find the right moment to press the trigger of the camera.

4. Arrival at the wedding

Especially the first meeting of the couple after their arrival in the church is an important key moment. Traditionally, the Groom sees the wonderful white dress of his soon-to-be wife for the first time. At this moment, the photographer’s timing is especially important. If everything works out, pictures are made, which can certainly touch everybody.

Also, the wedding ceremony itself is an important and short moment that must be captured. Talk to the pastor and ask him beforehand if photos are allowed.

The move-in of the bride, the exchange of the rings, the kiss, the wonderful smile of the relatives and the joyful look of the couple can offer unique opportunities for unforgettable and touching pictures.

 5. The celebration begins - the best snapshots

After the next important moments, such as the cutting of the cake, the congratulations of the guests, the presentation of the gifts and the wedding dance were captured in wonderful pictures, the guests and details become more and more important. Also here it is important to be as inconspicuous as possible, so that the images are authentic and the mood and atmosphere are perfectly captured.

When it comes to further pictures and the further course of the wedding, it is necessary to discuss with the couple beforehand what kind of pictures they want and what is most important to them.

A special surprise effect develops when the environment around the couple is also absorbed. While taking a photo of the guests, funny, beautiful but also positively surprising moments can often be captured and can also entertain the bride couple later when viewing the pictures.

 6. Fantastic couple pictures

After the excitement and the stress among the bridal couple and the guests slowly has eased a bit, the couple pictures are taken. A good preparation is especially important here. After all, you have to remember that the bride and groom are not professional models. They are people who have just entered a new life. Through that you must radiate professionalism and calmness, so that they can feel comfortable.

Again, the best thing to do is to discuss with the bridal couple in the conversation before, the time and the wishes for the shoot. Visit the location beforehand to find good and suitable places, such as a green field, a forest or trees, a wall or a gate. At the planned time, the position of the sun must be considered in order to create optimally exposed images. You should also consider the wedding dress of the bride, so that it doesn’t outshine the rest of the picture in a wrong setting of the camera.

The best is it to give the couple only rough guidelines for the pose. Cramped and pretended poses are not as nice on the picture as a relaxed environment. If necessary, bring one of the guests, with whom the two feel comfortable, to lighten the mood a bit. Creative alternatives are also possible for the motif. So petals or soap bubbles can lend the pictures a special charm.

7. Successful group pictures

Also, for the group pictures a concrete time span should be discussed in the beginning. The best time - after all the important program points when the bustle has settled and all guests are relaxed and complete.

Depending on the bridal couple’s wishes, there are different possibilities for the motif. If the couple likes it traditionally, you can take a simple group picture in several rows. Make sure that every guest is visible and that the height and the light are right. Smaller steps are particularly suitable for those who stand in the further back, but also for you as a photographer to adjust the height.

In addition, you can also choose relaxed motifs that don’t appear too "strict" to the viewer. Some examples would be capers, colorful balloons or other entertaining props.

If all works well, then slowly count down from three to zero and take a series of shots to make sure all eyes are open on the result.

Also, plan some time for extra wishes. Many couples also want to take pictures with their closer family members or with good friends. Also for that, a beautiful location and extra props are perfect.

8. Easy to overlook: Take pictures of beautiful details

In the bustle of the celebration it is especially hard for the couple to pay attention to details. Make the bridal couple happy by taking close-up shots of the beautiful decoration, colorful flowers, lovingly decorated desserts and the wedding cake to create a quiet monopoly among the other lively and perhaps also turbulent looking images.

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Sarah Wirgenings
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