The periods of the Vintage-Wedding

Constanze Diekmann

A vintage wedding offers bridal couples a wedding celebration that remembers of past decades. The decades of a vintage wedding run from 1920 to 1970. Thus, the motto "vintage wedding" is a theme for every bride and groom and allows an extraordinary and unique wedding that leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

But which decade should be chosen to celebrate a vintage wedding? In the following article you will find out what the essential differences between the epochs are.

The 20s / 30s

The 20s and 30s are by far the most common example to celebrate a vintage wedding. This epoch is often interpreted in a modern way, so that in addition to old elements, new ones are combined to create a unique harmony. The 20s / 30s overlap and are very similar, but there are a few major differences. They are both embossed with silk, lace and the typical vintage look, just like many imagine it.

The 20s vintage wedding

A vintage wedding in 20s style is one of the most popular ways to celebrate it. The golden 20s are characterized by the economic boom of exclusivity and glamor. pearl necklace, feather boas and headbands are must-haves for the wedding guests.

A casual bride in a delicate lace with a beautiful wavy hairstyle dominates this era. Also sequins and fringes are very popular. Meanwhile, the spouse uses a mottled or partially checkered suit, combined with suspenders, a waistcoat, bow tie, and flat cap matching the fabric.

The decoration and location may be pompous. So, an old castle or a castle is perfect to give the wedding exclusivity. Fine silver cutlery, lace crocheted tablecloths, shabby-chic furniture and decorative accessories with a glamorous flair, such as candle holders and pearls, and feathers in gold and black create an unforgettable atmosphere. The music of this era reminds of a jazz club. To give personality to his wedding, one should combine a few modern aspects in addition to the old elements of the era.

The 30s vintage wedding

The 30s are like the 20s and can be a good transition. Compared to the 20s, the 30s wedding is more romantic and a little quieter. The bridal gown with lace is also indispensable here, and the style of the groom is preserved. The focus here: Romance. Vintage weddings in the 30s are often very playful. The attention to detail here can also be lived out ideally. To give the 30s wedding a modern touch, new and often homemade accessories can be used in the decoration in addition to old elements. A perfect location for this is a rustic barn. Beige and brown dominate alongside with white in the 30s and rose and blue tones can set romantic color accents in the decoration and in the flowers.

The 40s vintage wedding

The 40s were not an easy time: war, destruction and a difficult economic situation overshadowed big parts of Europe. Despite everything, the 40s offer an unforgettable fashion, because in the shadow of the post-war period people wanted to be fashionable again.

Wedding dresses of this era are characterized by silk and lace. The 40s dresses are figure-enhancing and were ruffled and draped, but at the same time simple and elegant. The eye make-up is rather discreet except for the lipstick:  Especially popular is the color red. The groom also shines with a mix of elegance and simplicity. A simple suit with suspenders and a bow tie or tie should not be missed. The female wedding guests wore petticoats and sheath dresses. If you wish a wedding in the 40s style, you should not miss a classic car.

The 50s wedding

In the 1950s, prosperity, which seemed lost in recent years, returned. That's why the 1950s are characterized by exuberance and American rock'n'roll. The 50s fashion is playful and young, which is also reflected in the wedding outfit. The typical 50s wedding dress is short to calf-length, tailored and held in a rockabilly look. In addition, a figure-hugging top and an A-line skirt are a must. In addition to the white dress, the shoes and lips may be chosen in particularly bright colors. Here the bride has free choice. Even the groom remains casual compared to other eras. Although he sometimes wears a suit or tuxedo, suspenders, a loosely tied bow tie or tie or a casual hat. The look is rounded up with a matching Elvis Toll.

A 1950s style wedding decor should consist of a juke box, polka dot, checkerboard patterns and a vinyl record. The wedding decoration should be kept in the classic colors of the colorful decade, our favorites: black, pink, mustard yellow, mint green, pastel shades and dotted patterns. In a modern interpretation of a '50s wedding, you can combine rocking accents with elegant elements which creates a particularly unique atmosphere.

The 60s / 70s wedding

These two epochs describe a time of youthful rebellion. Skewness is an absolute no-go here - freedom, harmony, love and peace characterize the overall picture. Especially the so-called hippie generation of the 70s embodies these values, which was also included in the weddings of this time. Flowing, soft fabrics and casual wedding dresses dominate the look of dresses, especially in the 60s. Thus, the typical wedding dress is simple, cool and elegant at the same time. Of course, eyeliner and Beehive hairstyles should not be missing. But even the hippie looks of the 70s can be interpreted in a modern way. Naturalness and boho style are in focus here. Perfect for a casual wedding in summer. In addition to a loose white bridal gown, which often includes a touch of lace, the bride playfully wears a flower wreath in her hair. Even the groom looks rather casual. A simple bow tie sometimes combined with suspenders and a white shirt with chino pants are recommended here. The best way to celebrate a wedding in this era is outdoors surrounded by nature. Simply laid tables, natural wood elements, lanterns and regional meadow flowers adorn the tables.

And now it is your turn. Which era do you combine with your wedding? If you'd like to know how to make your vintage wedding more sustainable, look here.

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Constanze Diekmann
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