10 tips for a vintage-inspired wedding

Sarah Wirgenings

Vintage weddings can vary from wedding to wedding. Depending on preferences the couple has many options to customize the wedding to their individual needs. Nevertheless, there are basic concepts and elements that fit perfectly to a vintage wedding. In this article you can discover 10 tips for your wedding.

1. The Location

Whether in the fresh air or in a hall, by the sea or in the mountains: A vintage wedding can be celebrated in many different places. Only at weddings, which will take place in a hall, you should not forget, that the venue also fits the motto and does not look too modern. There must be some harmony between the decoration and the room itself. Thus, rooms with some wooden elements are particularly well suited to match the mainly wooden decoration. For weddings under the open sky you should also look at the surroundings. At the seaside, in the mountains or in the village is usually the right atmosphere for any kind of wedding, while big cities with modern buildings in the background are not suitable to celebrate a vintage wedding outdoors.
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2. The table and room decoration

One of the most important aspects that should not be forgotten to highlight a certain mood and especially the motto at a wedding is the decoration and design of the room. This should be adapted to the theme of the wedding. Classically, when hearing Vintage most people think of "outdated" furniture that can look a bit old-fashioned to the viewer. Typically, wooden tables and chairs are used, which are reminiscent of bygone times. The table decoration usually fits to the beige and wood tones of the pieces of furniture to create a certain harmony. Especially popular with floral decorations are pink roses, which are suitable for developing love and beauty as well as respect. Candlesticks as well as wooden elements in the room are also very popular for a vintage wedding. Garlands and cushions in various shades of beige also emphasize the atmosphere and give it a certain coziness. 

3. The flower decoration

As indicated earlier, flowers are an indispensable decoration for almost every type of wedding. Most plants in a vintage wedding tend to have pale shades but adapt to the rest of the decoration. Particularly popular are white or light pink flowers. Mostly used are roses.

 4. Desserts and food

There are many options for this topic. No matter what you like to eat, whether cake, muffins or fruit, with the motto vintage all possibilities are open. Often, however, these foods are adapted on the look of the decoration. Again, the most appropriate colors are beige tones, or lighter colors for the glaze, to not destroy the harmony.

5. The matching accessoires

For every wedding the accessories for the bride and groom are important. Accordingly, matching the vintage style, the pattern and look must match the motto. Main colors when it comes to vintage, are various brown to gray tones. Traditionally, as on most weddings, cufflinks or ties and bow ties are for the gentleman's suit.

For the woman especially, flower wreaths for the head are recommended for the complementation of the look.

6. The wedding cake

The colors of the wedding cake should match the rest of the room. Brown to beige tones are particularly good here. Frequently, the pies are decorated with flowers or hinted tip of frosting. The taste can be chosen completely freely. Mostly, the cake is covered with a glaze to match the color to the rest of the decoration. The size of the cake depends on the number of guests. For special ideas and wishes, the pastry chef can always support you. He certainly knows how the cake individually suits your wedding best.

7. The invitation and thank you cards

The cards should also be decorated in the main colors that were chosen. Not too strong colors with floral patterns that look a bit more classic in style are perfect for the occasion. Give your guests a first impression of the location by designing the cards accordingly. It should be noted that there are several different cards that are created during the wedding. All must be considered, starting with the invitation cards to the menu, the seating plan and thank you cards. Mostly the same layout and style is used for all card types. Let your creativity run free.

8. Matching games for the vintage wedding

Especially for children or for the waiting for the beginning of the buffet, games are perfect to kill time and counteracting boredom. Even classic board games are a simple and vintage-oriented idea to bring people together and pass time. Nowadays, Polaroid cameras are becoming increasingly popular, fitting perfectly with the vintage theme. Also, you can create games out of it: Give everyone a funny and maybe difficult task that they must capture with the camera. This will certainly not cause boredom.


9. Ideas for gifts

Gifts should not be missed at any wedding. The cheapest and most appropriate way is to let your creativity run wild with DIY gifts.

A suggestion would be succulents for each guest. Smaller plantlets are usually used for this purpose, which can be wrapped up relatively quickly and can be easily customized with a clothespin or a small text. Also, you can fill small glasses with homemade oil. Sweets can be packaged in small cups and decorated too.


10. Ideas for the guestbook

Since a normal guestbook is often considered boring by the couple as well as the guests, more and more creative layouts are used. For example, one would be a guestbook with questions that need to be marked with a cross or filled out. However, if you do not want to draw on paper, how about many little wooden hearts that are signed by everyone and then placed in a frame? Another possibility would be small pieces of wood, which are also signed and placed in a box. Or a simple, beautifully designed board on which the guests can perpetuate themselves. Again, the Polaroid camera is very good to get pictures for eternity. These can then be glued to a wall.

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Sarah Wirgenings
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