What is the supply chain?

Sarah Wirgenings

The supply chain is an important topic in every business. It requires cooperation, mutual trust and management.

The supply chain shows customers and especially creditors where the raw materials of each product come from, who is involved in manufacturing, how they are composed, and how and where they have been processed.

What is a supply chain?

The supply chain describes the path of manufacturing a particular product through a multi-level chain of business from the creation of value to the end-product. Thereby, each individual company of the network enriches the product in the form of services and products.

In short, this means nothing else than that several companies or suppliers are involved in the production of a product. Thereby, it doesn’t matter if the product is a laptop, piece of furniture, or a beautiful accessory. These enrich the product e.g. with component parts or services until it is ready for the sale and therefore purchased by the consumer or end-user who is also part of the supply chain.

Here, it is particularly important that each company involved in the process also assumes responsibility and respects the areas of human rights, working conditions, health, safety and environmental protection.

An example from the furniture production

Depending on the final product, wood passes through several stages. Here is a simplified example based on a table for a furniture store:

1. The forester fell a tree, removes the branches and separates it into smaller parts. These are transported to a sawmill.

2. In the sawmill, the trunk is sawed into boards, which then must dry. Then, these are sold, for example, to a large producer. Partly also to carpenters.

3. The big producer processes the wood to a table and sells it to a furniture store. This happens today especially through machines.

4. The furniture store sells the finished piece of furniture to a customer.

5. The customer buys the furniture.

BeWooden: Our production

For us, the transparency of the supply chain is very important. The same applies to the environment and sustainability. That is why, for example, our wooden bow ties are handcrafted from remains of the furniture production. We only have local craftsmen that produce our accessories. We consciously dispense with the mass production of our products in order to guarantee high quality and uniqueness.


This video offers you a direct insight into our production facility:

BeWooden - Sarah Wirgenings
Sarah Wirgenings
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