10 Gentleman rules for your everyday life

Sarah Wirgenings

Who doesn’t have the image of a perfect man in his mind when hearing the word "gentleman"? An elegantly dressed man with good manners, a charming charisma and an eye for detail. That's how you imagine him. But even in your everyday life, there are strategies on how you can act like a gentleman and attract attention to every woman without being old-fashioned. In this article, we introduce you 10 of our gentleman's rules for your everyday life.

1. The clothes

One of the most important gentleman rules: "Clothes make people". For centuries this is a very well known and popular saying. And a small spark of truth is always behind it: the one who pays attention to his appearance, of course, makes a different impression than someone who doesn’t. Also the personal hygiene belongs to it. Cleaning the fingernails regularly, shaving under the armpits and putting on deodorant are the basics of it.

A true gentleman should also know, where and when he wears what.

But it doesn’t always have to be a suit everyday. A chic shirt or a chino is also enough to look stylish and elegant at the same time. Because not only the clothing is important, but also the behavior.

2. Don’t forget your manners

The handbook of manners is naturally very important for gentlemen. This includes the manners at the table, but also in everyday life. Pushing is a no-go. Also cursing should be avoided.

3. The right language

When we already talk about cursing, we should also mention the language. A real gentleman knows how to talk to his fellows. Colloquial language should be avoided and you should pay attention to grammar in chats and social media. Also "please" and "thank you" are words that should be used everyday.

4. A gentleman doesn’t show off

No matter if you have a lot or a small amount of money in your bank account: splurge should be avoided. A gentleman knows how to perform, but he doesn’t necessarily have to show, or boast about, what he has. Modesty shapes him.

5. A real gentleman respects women

One of the most important gentleman rules: He knows how to deal with a woman correctly. First and foremost, this includes showing respect, listening carefully and standing up for her. Opening the door for a lady is just one of many gestures that make a gentleman.

6. A gentleman sticks with his wife

Trust is a basis and a value for every relationship that should be considered. This is not only true for gentlemen. It shows tact and respect for the partner.

7. He can listen

This not only applies to women. Listening is also important in everyone’s life, no matter which person it is. A true gentleman is interested in learning about someone and learning something about other people. He is always open to other opinions and admits mistakes.

8. He knows how to handle money

Even if he should not splurge with wealth, he knows how to handle it. A gentleman knows for what he spends money and for what not. He respects money and also spends it for good things. Status symbols are not important to him because he stays true to his style.

9. Gentleman Rule: A gentleman is honest

Honesty towards others and oneself is an important basis. To tell the truth and to be true to one's feelings shows courage and also represents a true gentleman.

10. Show feelings too

A gentleman has style but doesn’t have to be defined as "cool" at the same time. Showing emotions is humanely and being able to talk openly about feelings with the lady of the heart or other close friends makes every man more attractive. Of course, you should not regularly burst into tears, but when you say openly what you like and what you care about, it will not only help you through your everyday life, but also makes a good impression on the female gender.

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Sarah Wirgenings
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