Dress code for a ball - how to dress properly

Romana Janeckova

We are all concerned with the question of what we should wear to our prom – it is not easy to find out if you have made the right choice for the occasion. The invitation can often be the first help to get a clue about the do's and don'ts. Even if a dress code is not mentioned on every invitation, it often provides the first orientation. Is the invitation simple and the writing black or is there a card with a gold inscription? We can help you to find the right outfit.

 The little ABC for all cases

To classic balls, it will be sufficient for ladies to wear a simple yet elegant dress that ends just below the knee. It should be ensured that a jacket or cloth, which is worn over the dress, should never extend further than to the knees. When wearing tights, it is important to select matching shoes that are closed at the toes. All the important things a woman could need during the evening can be perfectly stored in a clutch. Of course, there is also the possibility to wear a long evening dress instead of the short dress - a woman is well dressed in any case.

The dark suit - an excellent choice for him

The selection of men is often limited to a dark suit. Decisive for him are the accessories, which should be matched to the clothes of the partner. The safest choice is a white shirt combined with a tie or bow tie that matches the outfit of the partner with its color and pattern. With the help of traditional accessories such as a pocket square,  high-quality cufflinks or an elegant coat, the overall appearance can be enhanced even further. On the feet, dark lace-up shoes, which match the color of the belt, work best.

How to properly wear a Tuxedo at a gala

If you can see from the invitation that it is a big evening event or even a gala evening, it will be necessary for men to wear a Tuxedo. In contrast to a conventional suit, the Tuxedo is available exclusively in black or optionally in a dark blue. The shirt worn should be white with a double cuff and collar. If a man wears a Tuxedo, he should forego a tie - a bow tie is the better choice. In addition, a vest and a Tuxedo belt are important components of a Tuxedo. Just like a suit, dark lace-up shoes should also be chosen for a Tuxedo - this time made of patent leather.

The opportunity for a long noble robe

In the case of a formal, noble event, the ladies can give free rein to their creativity and imagination - they have a wide selection of different dresses to suit the occasion. In addition to classy robes, they can choose from a variety of shoes and adorn themselves with expensive jewelry. The long dresses are just the basis for an outfit, which is gaining its character through an exciting selection of accessories.

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