What is your personality - hearty or tranquil?

Martina Erbanová

Each of us has a unique personality. Some are artists by nature, some rather rebellious, and others eternally pensive dreamers. Can you say which one of them you are? 

Perhaps you reckon that you're more a - let's say - choleric or more a phlegmatic. There's a bunch of personality tests available, maybe you've already tried a few of those. But personality can never be truly explicitly determined. Even stubborn workaholics occasionally put their feet up. And from time to time born entertainers can find themselves in a gloomy mood.

We've all got all kinds of different personality traits. And this composition of tempers and dispositions makes us unique personalities we are.

You can reflect who you are or who you want to be not only with your opinion, attitude or actions. But also with your appearance.

80% of all the senses we perceive is through the eyes. You can easily spot anger by sole face expression of the fact that someone's in a hurry just by the way they walk. Thanks to your appearance, you can look like a lady one day and an athlete on the other. You decide if you want to look like a businessman today or like a rocker on the day.

Simply by the way you dress, you can express your attitude to life, your convictions and beliefs.

Our appearance can truly be the reflection of our personality.

This is the reason why we've created bow ties that are not just an accessory to your outfit. But an accessory to yourself. Bow ties made by BeWooden have a special mission and a task of bringing a harmony, peace, and inner balance.

Every one of us has a piece of a true Heart. That part of us which follows the Heart and instincts impulsively. And a piece of a cool cat. The one that's more of a laid back kind of an easy-goer. Tell everyone who you want to be today! Do you feel ready and glowing today or more simple and easy-going? It's up to you.

hearty tranquil BeWooden


For those who does everything they do with love. Simply - with their heart! A bright pink as a color of joy, good naturalness and kindness. For adventure seekers with an unrestrained desire to discover the world.

hearty tranquil BeWooden


You are taking things easy, with patience and cool head. Blue as a color of freedom and liberty, inspiration and truth. For the vigilant, but restrained easy-thinker.

hearty tranquil BeWooden

Both colors have a balanced density, which we did by mixing hot and cold tones, where neither of them exceeds the other. It is also a representation of both sexes, which in life complete each other in all actions.

hearty tranquil BeWooden

BeWooden - Martina Erbanová
Martina Erbanová
Creative Diva
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