Always different, but still yourself

Martina Erbanová

Movie marathon full of excitement moments, sci-fi, and thrilling so much that you could not fall asleep. Morning tough so much you just had to snooze. Three times. Eventually, after a proper breakfast, you finally start a new day wearing sneakers, jeans and comfy T-shirt.

You just woke up and know how difficult a work day is going to be ahead. A representative look is a must. This requires a perfect look. Costume, high-heels and purse. Suit, varnished shoes and bow tie. But everyone knows every day starts with a cup of coffee.

Being waken up by sunshine and singing birds. You simply could spend hours having breakfast. While reading your favorite book, of course. Not in a rush, your work can wait. There is nothing that could stop you from the start of a new chapter.

You wake up early in the morning and know this is the day. The day you say "yes" to the one you love. Everything has to be perfect. This day is just about you two. Nervousness followed by tremendous joy. Wedding dress, flowers, shoes. Perfectly fitting suit. Welcoming the guests.

We may be anyone every single day.

Hipster. Cool guy. Lad. Star. Sophisticated lady. Rock star. Sexy girl. Minimalist. Top model. Gentleman. Fashion geek. Stylist. Alternative beauty. Hippie.
But still the same – still yourself.

Always different, but still the same.

Wooden Accessories BeWooden

BeWooden changes.

It is because BeWooden is not just for gentlemen or ladies. BeWooden is for everyone who feels like expressing him or herself. For everyone pursuing own style and attitude.

BeWooden changes, but remains the same.

We would like to show you what suits BeWooden the best in the following weeks. A bow tie is not meant just for proms, it suits perfectly for traveling, work or an independent weekend trip.
Our new fresh spring campaign “Always different, but still the same” has many faces. We show a personal attitude and creativity of different styles and uniqueness of each person.

Join us and show, who you are today?

Wooden Accessories BeWooden

BeWooden - Martina Erbanová
Martina Erbanová
Creative Diva
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