How much do you know about wood?

Today, wood is used in a number of different ways, for example for creating fashionable and sustainable accessories. At BeWooden we respect nature and try to contribute to the environment by using only the rest materials from local carpentries in the Czech Republic, where our wooden bow ties are produced.
Many people think that they know everything they need to know about wood. However, if you think about it for a second, you will be amazed that there are so many different little facts that you didn’t.

Apparently, trees or the oldest plants to produce wood date back to over 400 million years ago. It belongs to humanity’s oldest natural resources and is used for fueling, building and tool production. All wood is biodegradable and cannot die of old age. Usually it is “killed” by insects, humans or diseases.

The word “wood” derives from the Old English “wudu” which means tree or lumber. Later, during Middle English it evolved in “wode” until finally being shifted into its current form.

Did you know that wood is, next to stone, one of the oldest natural materials used in construction? It consists of cellulose and lignin, the latter being the heart of the wood – its cell. The of the two elements make wood hard and sturdy. The amount of lignin in the wood defines its stability and strength. Generally wood can be split into two categories – hardwood and softwood. In addition, wood consists of a variety of different extractives, including waxes, oils and roisin.

Or, would you like to hear something odd? Unlike other live organisms, trees don’t grow from the bottom up, instead moving from the top. If you keep watching a tree growing for about 100 years then you’ll see that the branches move only a few centimeters up the trunk.

Another odd fact is the ability of trees to communicate with each other. Yes, you heard right. Some of the trees indeed talk to each other. In a situation like being threatened by insect pests, the trees emit a chemical warning to the neighbor trees. Those can then secrete more tannin (insects are put off by the tea-colored chemical) and fight the invaders off. Who would have thought?

Today, wood is on-trend option for accessories. Watches, sunglasses, wallets, belts, cufflinks and bow ties are made out of this beautiful material and charm with their clean minimalistic look, as well as classy and traditional engraving. The trend is so popular due to the fact that wooden accessories are timeless and last a lifelong time. People who want to contribute to ecology and the environment choose lifestyle objects produced out of wood instead those made of plastic. 

As you can see our wooden products deserve to be called green fashion!


Author: Anastassia Grigorjeva

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