The double Windsor knot – tie doubled or half?

Sarah Wirgenings

What should a fashionable gentleman not forget nowadays? The answer is obvious: the right outfit. And traditionally you don’t want to miss a bow tie or tie.

Especially when it comes to the second one, have you ever asked yourself which tie knot fits best with your outfit? In this context an often heard term is half (also known as simple) or double Windsor knot. But which outfit suits which kind of knot and how is the noble, triangular knot made?

Where does the double Windsor knot come from?

The widespread knot was named after the Duke of Windsor, who brought the technique from America to Europe at the end of the 19th century. In Europe, the double Windsor has quickly gained high popularity and is considered as a must-have for special occasions. In particular, the knot represents self-confidence, leadership qualities, as well as integrity and gives the wearer an extraordinary charisma. It’s not surprising that the double Windsor has established itself so quickly in the business world.


Half Windsor

This stylish, sturdy knot represents the simplified version of the double Windsor. Because of its less lush appearance and easy level of difficulty, the knot is especially suitable for narrow ties with a fabric that is not too thick.

The half Windsor appears modern and fits to almost every shirt that has a classic or open collar. It is also perfect for a variety of occasions, such as a wedding or a simple meeting. Thanks to its simple design, the double Windsor knot is suitable for any figure and also a real eye-catcher. But how is the knot made correctly?

  1. At the beginning, the wide end of the tie must be at least 30 centimeters longer than the narrow one because the knot takes up a lot of fabric. Now you cross both ends so that the wide end is on top.
  2. In the second step you now steer the wide end from below through the neck loop.
  3. Now you steer the left rear end behind the narrow part. You have to hold the knot so that it does not shift away.
  4. In the next step you place the wide end in front of the knot, so that a ring develops.
  5. After that you put the wide end again from below through the neck opening. Then you pull it through the ring that was formed in step 4.
  6. Finally, you just have to tighten and adjust everything.


Double Windsor

Considering the complexity of all knots together, the double Windsor, or just Windsor knot, is one of the more difficult knots. However, this one stayes in place for a long time compared to other knots and is therefore particularly suitable for long working days. The double Windsor is also known for its formal charisma and is mainly used for special occasions.

Despite its difficult implementation, the double Windsor knot is the most popular among the thick ones. Since it appears much lusher compared to the simple Windsor, the knot is particularly recommended to use only on wide collars, such as the Italian or same named Windsor collar. A double Windsor is very demanding, so be patient if it does not work the first time for you. After some practice, you will succeed and the knot will look perfect.

    1. Also for the double Windsor the wide end must be much longer than the narrow. Now you have to cross over the wide end with the narrow one.
    2. The wide end should be now passed behind the narrow one. And again, you have to hold the knot so that it does not shift.
    3. Now you steer the wide end up. Then you put it from above through the neck loop.
    4. After that, the wide end is led along in front of the newly formed knot, so that a ring developed again.
    5. Now you have to pull the wide end from the bottom through the loop.
    6. Then you have to steer the tie end through the newly formed ring.
    7. At the end, you just have to tighten everything et volià your double Windsor is ready. 

Our alternatives

If you don’t feel like wearing a tie on special occasions and dealing with the annoying knot binding of the double Windsor, what do you think about a stylish wooden bow tie like the Stella bow tie? The bow tie is already finished and only needs to be put on.

But if it still should be a tie, a matching tie clip should not be forgotten. And if you are still not sure whether a bow tie or a normal tie fits better with your outfit, this link will help you: bow tie versus tie

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Sarah Wirgenings
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