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What is monogram?

Express your original personality by adding a monogram, inscription or favorite quote. Because you are the one who make the bow tie original.

The monogram will be placed in the left bottom part of the back side.

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When should you wear a bow tie? The answer is always. Forever. The wooden bow tie is the easiest and freshest way to be different. Choose the Taurum wooden bow tie made of special oak as well as the kooky and stylish pattern that has been carefully added to the wood with special laser technique.

Masculine and sexy – the Taurum wooden bow tie has character. Produced out of special oak and later designed and finished with a detailed and precise pattern that was added to the front with a special laser, it only takes you a quick second to put on thanks to its adjustable neckband designed out of silk for maximum comfort. Black silk finishes the classy yet modern look of this wooden accessory. Choose the Taurum for your special agent 007 nights out. The product comes in a beautifully designed, stable wooden box.

Product photos are illustrative. The materials we work with are natural and their structure is specific. Each piece may differ in appearance and texture. Therefore, you can not find two completely identical products - each one is unique.

Life time warranty: Quality
Included: Wooden box
Wood: Beech
Material: Batiste and sateen
Size: 12,5 x 4,5 cm
Colour: Black
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The unique BeWooden wooden accessories fit every occasion. Get inspired by other members of the #BeWoodenWorld to see more outfit inspiration for our accessories!
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In BeWooden we depend on teamwork. Let us introduce you to our philosophy and team members. Check, who takes care of your secret desires, who is our skillful seamstress and meet our personal magician-carpenter. Here are people, who love nature and prefer to do their work with joy.
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Made by nature

We feel a great responsibility towards nature. That's why we only use wood remains from wooden cabinets or organic plantations. 
We keep the beauty of nature in our products. Made by nature

The bow tie which gives back

What do have two dandy gentlemen from South Africa, a school project, a children’s foundation and Johannesburg have in common? Let us introduce you our new limited bow tie collection - the LouxMac Legacy bow tie – which special design was created by two very well known Dandy gentlemen from South Africa and which gives joy not only to you, but also to local children and communities.
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The bow tie which gives back
BeWooden - wooden bow tie Taurum handmade silk
“Dressing is a way of life.” Yves Saint Laurent
BeWooden - wooden bow ties Taurum model handmade

BeWooden World

BeWooden - Bergische Hochzeitswelten
BeWooden - Bergische Hochzeitswelten
Bestage meets Avantgarde
BeWooden - #BeWooden
BeWooden - #BeWooden
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BeWooden - Daniel Putsche
„Our industry not respects tradition – it only respects innovation.“
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