BeWooden - Apis Scarf

Apis Scarf

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As long as we are warm winter days are beautiful and charming. The BeWooden Apis Scarf, that is made of warm marino wool, will make it possible! From now on, the cold will not bother you and you can fully enjoy the winter. Go for a long winter walk or enjoy mulled wine and traditional Christmas treats at the Christmas market. The scarf is elegant and fits every winter style.

It looks best together with the Apis Cap.

  • BeWooden - Wood - Walnut
  • BeWooden - Eco friendly - Responsibility
    Eco friendly
  • BeWooden - Merino wool - Material
    Merino wool
  • BeWooden - Comfortable - in any weather
    in any weather
  • BeWooden - Size - Unisize – 24x167 cm
    Unisize – 24x167 cm
  • BeWooden - Style guaranteed - Scarf
    Style guaranteed

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticatio.” Leonardo da Vinci
BeWooden -
“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” Giorgio Armani
BeWooden -
“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” Edna Woolman Chase
BeWooden -
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel
BeWooden -
We express our admiration for nature by keeping its beauty in our products.
BeWooden -
BeWooden - Apis Scarf
Apis Scarf
108 $
In stock, delivery on Friday 22.6.

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