BeWooden Magazine #9

Henrik Roth

It seems as though time has been running faster and faster. But that is probably the case when a you spend time at a job that really gives you fulfillment and happiness. We have just completed another quarter and again it has been no less successful than all the previous ones. For instance, we have established a new "fragrant" cooperation and introduced a lot of new products including dog brooches, thanks to which we have already improved the life of many dogs. We also have a new wedding inspiration for you. Let's take a good look at it all!

Establishing resolutions and planning a new vision

For several years, BeWooden has been growing – not only the brand itself, but also every single team member on them own. We have built up common values and a philosophy that goes in harmony with nature. However, we feel that there is still a tremendously long journey ahead of us and a lot of work to do. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, so this year we have set a resolution to help mother Earth even more. You can read about it HERE. At the same time, we are working on further plans for the future that should make every step of production even more environment-friendly.

We introduced new products

As in previous quarters, this one was also very rich in new products. We have managed to conjure up a smile especially for the ladies who can now find playful socks with creative designs for themselves in our portfolio, but also, for example, a brand new safari pendant with some or our favorite members of our animal pack. We have also created new types of exclusive pens in elegant black and dark blue. What we are most pleased about is the successful presentation of wooden dog brooches, thanks to which we can make the lives of many dogs better. In the coming weeks, we are preparing some other news for you, that is also a matter of heart for us. You’ll definitely have something to look forward to!

The Pack of It - A campaign that helps

Wooden brooches have become a very popular accessory, and so we have decided to create something big through this product; to give it greater importance. We designed a special dog edition of brooches that are now a symbol of help in an important matter of these days. Apart from various other canine related designs, we have produced two brooches, which you will be able to buy with a certain amount that is going to help dogs in shelter and temporary care. These are brooches depicting the paw and Heřman, the four-legged partner of Ctirad, one of the founders of BeWooden. You can read the whole story behind these accessories HERE.

“Not only dogs, but animals in general are pure souls in my eyes. They can experience every second of their life to the fullest - as it is.”


Opening the wedding season

Nature wakes up and your love blooms with it. We are aware of this and therefore, traditionally, on our social networks we are starting a wedding season full of useful tips and inspiration. On our blog under the "Wedding" tab you will find everything you need for your very special day. We even established a special instagram profile solely focussing on wedding inspiration. You can find it under the name @bewoodenweddings.

BeWooden - Henrik Roth
Henrik Roth
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